About Me

Hi! I'm so excited you are here! My name is Eowyn Elleveve. I am a queer, disabled artist, maker, and disability justice enthusiast. Once upon a time I ran a handmade, upcycled clothing business, but between covid lockdowns and increasingly disruptive health concerns, my ability to run a full-time art business began to crumble. Thanks to the support of friends and family I was able to take a step back and reassess my life going forward. I still have a limited stock of Upcycled pride gear and I will still be taking a limited number of commissions, so feel free to reach out!

After nearly 4 decades of being mostly failed by the medical community, I decided to finally take charge of my own health and get some answers. Within a year's time I had diagnoses for both autism and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. EDS is a genetic connective tissue disorder that can affect every system of the body. It can contribute to accelerated degenerative conditions affecting joints, tendons and ligaments, blood vessels, and autonomic function, all of which I have struggled with to some extent since childhood.

I am currently coming to terms with losing function in my hands, which for an artist is a long grief process. I have been focusing more and more of my creative energy into education and advocacy. I am still making art, albeit at a much slower pace. One of the spaces I am especially passionate about is the intersection of disabilities and public education. I do presentations for parents and caregivers to help them advocate for their children in the public school setting, and am slowly working on turning it into a masterclass.

Living with chronic illnesses means having a full-time job of just managing the basics of being alive. Some days I can make dinner, go shopping, create art, and other days the mere act of holding my head up is nearly impossible.

I am working on making some new patterns and tutorials, exploring new art forms, and giving myself permission to rest. You can help by supporting me on Buy Me a Coffee, following my social media accounts, and wishing me luck!

Art Rugs

Art Rug Process Video